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My name is Anthony Benallie, I'am from a small town on the Navajo Nation located in Arizona. I'am 27 years old and I love building computers and playing video games. I grew up here my whole life its a rural area but its fun because everything is open, you can climb and hike in Canyon De Chelly, go fishing and camping at the lakes, and just enjoy the outdoors. I got into computers when my older brother had a gaming computer and I would love to play on his steam account, the game that I always played was Day Of Defeat Source online multiplayer. Me and my twin brother always fought just to play on his computer haha. I enjoyed playing Half Life on his computer too. After that he got me into World Of Warcraft and after I graduated High School he gave me his old gaming computer, and I was just so amazed by it and since then I loved to work on and with computers. I built my own pc after I started to fix my family computers. I remember fixing one dead computer by fixing the OS by simple disk check and when it booted back on it was working again. I just upgraded that computer starting with the cpu, ram, power supply and gpu, and in no time I was playing Farcry 3. That computer was an AMD Phenom quad core had great times with it. The GPU on bought for it was R7 260x and it played very well. After that I went to College and got my certification for Information Technology, still need 1 credit to get my Associates and I just got reading my CompTIA book and I still have to take the Exam to get A+ Certified. I love AMD products and I will always use their CPU's and GPU's. The Rig I have now has a FX-6300 CPU, M5A99FX Mobo, 8gb G-Skill Ram, R9 390 Gigabyte GPU, 500gb Samsung EVO, 250gb Crucial BX200, 700w Corsair PSU all inside a Cooler Master Elite Case.
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