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Adept I

Radeon RX 7900 XTX not running in Visualize

Hi there,

I'm one of the lucky blokes who was able to grab one XTX at the AMD store last week. Yesterday I received it and installed it in my new workstation (Ryzen 7950x, 64GB RAM...). Unfortunately Solidworks Visualize does regognize the GPU (it is set in the Pro Render Menu of Visualize), but obviously does not use it. As soon as I switch from Preview Mode to the Fast Rendering mode and the Raytracing starts, it takes ages... about 2-4 seconds for ONE SINGLE PASS. When I look at the Adrenalin Overview during that, I see that the card is running on low to zero load. I already tried to force Visualize to use the GPU by changing the Windows settings for the programm as well as setting Visualize as a "game" in the Adrenalin software. Nothing helps. Already talked to my Solidworks dealer, he wrote a ticket to Dassault Systems about this. Any suggestions? Can't be that a €1200 GPU won't render...

Cheers from Austria, Marcus

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Adept I

P.S.: I have the educational edition 2022-2023 and updated to Service Pack 5 today. Unfortunately it didn't help, visualize got even slower and now also the Fast Render button (yellow) isn't available anymore.