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Social Media Sharing


Well I see social media sharing...Here's my YT channel!

Not sure if this is the correct use for this tread, but hey there seemed to be no posts here so why not!

Here is my channel:

Its nothing huge, just something that I started ever since I realized my PC knowledge was a bit more than average (at least for my age). Of course I learn something new every video that I make so please bear with me

Up to recently I was using phones or old camcorders to record, but now I have a Nikon D3300!! So I can finally post better quality videos.

Try not to focus on my mistakes but learn from them, I've done some things that are stupid and some that I may no fully say are my fault. But I learn best from experience!

Hopefully adding this to this forum will increase my popularity to what is currently just a hobby fort me P.S- I usually upload every weekend-

Example videos!

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