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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

MB, processor compatibility

A while ago I bought a 2600X processor at a blowout price. I had planned to use it in my ROG B350F MB . I plopped it in and it didn't work. Seems I would need a BIOS upgrade. Things came up and I shelved the project. Now months later I finally have the time and instead of flashing the BIOS on my old MB I got a deal on a new B550 TUF Gaming MB. I just got home to find that my 2600X won't work. Is that true ??

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Re: MB, processor compatibility



Looks like that is indeed the case.  The motherboard in question only lists Zen2 and Zen3 CPUs (Ryzen 3000  & 5000 series) in it's supported CPU list.


You can still flash the ROG B350F to support your CPU, but you will likely need a Ryzen 1000 series CPU just to do the flashing.

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