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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

Tuning Dual EPYC Server to run Rendering Application

Hello: I've been testing a Dual EPYC server for performance viability using Keyshot rendering software. I would like to optimize the performance for this application. I found three performance related support documents; HPC Tuning Guide, Windows Server Tuning Guide, Numa Support Guide. I didn't realize the extent of performance settings and don't have the time or knowledge to make the adjustments myself.  Just curious what the options are to have the server professionally tuned for Keyshot? Just curious if there's somewhere it could be sent for performance tuning or do you think a local source could provide Tech support. For example does AMD have approved support vendors in the Indianapolis, IN area that could provide performance tuning?

Any advice appreciated.


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Re: Tuning Dual EPYC Server to run Rendering Application

Hello @Kreita ,

You are correct in that we do not have a guide for tuning Keyshot.  It is probably a highly threaded application, so following the HPC tuning guide might be your best path to follow for general guidance.  You could possibly reach out to the software vendor for tuning recommendations as well.

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