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Threadripper remote management


I have a customer who is looking to buy some workstation machines for some heavy lifting work. I have shown them and we tested a Threadripper based solution and they like it.

However, one of the conditions in order to win the bid - is that the machine needs to have a remote management functionality.

With Ryzen Pro - it has remote functionality, but it doesn't fit for this job. With Epyc there is a remote manageability functionality built on the motherboard, but EPYC solution would be to costly for the customer.

So my question: Is there any "Threadripper pro" with remote manageability or any solution with Threadripper based CPU/MB solution with remote manageability?


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Hi hetzbh,

Have you had a chance to look at DASH here?



Yes, I know DASH pretty well, but in order to use DASH, you'll need the support either in the chipset or on the motherboard.

Unfortunately, Threadripper's X399 chipset doesn't have it and the motherboard vendors don't add it to their boards. Want something with remote? go buy EPYC.


Unfortunately, you are correct. The only platform that will provide the functionality you are looking for is EPYC.


Very few motherboard makers design systems at the board level for management.

Intel did this years ago with some of their Active Management but it was so full of security holes. I have that with my Lenovo laptops which I use a lot for work.

MSI does have BIOS management in Windows with my MSI-970A-G43 which does not need physical access to the machine as remote desktop can run their application.