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Running Server with 5950x cpu


This might be a noop question but im sure im not the only one who is thinking about this kind of setup..

Can you give me an idear about this setup running as a server. I wonder about using an 5950x cpu, 64 GB dual channel memory (2 x 32 GB), 2x Samsung 980 pro ssd for storage as server setup.

On that system i would run windows and use virtualbox with three ubuntu cli server installs.

One VM server runs a gps tracking server with mysql, nginx and webserver.

One VM server runs the tracking history database

One VM server runs geolocation, geocoding database

I have tested the above setup (where only the tracking server is connected to the internet) with a simple intel cpu (1290v2), 32 GB, 970 evo ssd and it works fine while testing it for some months.

So i wonder if the 5950x would scale much better or that i would need to consider an epyc cpu.


i have read about the differences in dual channel memory vs more channel memory, and less pci lanes vs more. But it seems to me that the memory bandwith would not be so high even when you connect lets say 1000 devices who update every 5 minutes. And since i only would use a few 980 pro drives, having more pci lanes does also not seem to be needed.

i would appriciate hearing your views about the above idear.

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I have used server operating systems on far less of a machine. The real question you need to figure out is what kind of workloads are you intending.

All of the tracking, geolocation and so can be run from one single MySQL server. All you need to do is make sure it has a SSD so they the server is very responsive. 

If you are not sure how big your tables will be I suggest a 2TB or 4TB M.2 SSD can handle a lot of data.

MySQL is very powerful when you learn how to leverage it properly. I have extensive experience with it if you need guidance.