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Journeyman III

Question about EPYC 7H12 frequency

I have a DELL R7525 Rack Server, installed 2 EPYC 7H12 CPU.

I build hpl-2.3 with Intel MKL and icc with linux centos 7.9 x64.

I run linpack test got about 3886.6 Gflops result.(efficiency 72.99%)

When xhpl run on the server, I use turbostat to monitor the CPU, see it run about 23xx MHz.

I check the CPU's spec that 7H12 CPU reference frequency is 2600MHz.

Why the cpus not running @2.6GHz or turbo to 3.2GHz?

By the way, I change the BIOS setting to disable HT, using Performace setting and max fan cooling.

I also have a test to run lammps, so when lammps running, the total cpu cores run @31xxMHz


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