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Journeyman III

Power usage of EPYC 7282 vs 7302P

Hi everyone,

I have noticed that in the servethehome benchmarks, the 7282 has an almost 50% higher power usage than the 7302P! And that's despire the 7282 being advertised as 120W TDP and the 7302P being advertised as 155W TDP. I posted more details here but no one was really able to give information about the power usage of the 7282:

I contacted AMD and they suggested that I ask here. Does anyone know what the power usage of the 7282 is like in practice?

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Hello @Jelly-f ,

You would have to get more details from Servethehome I'm afraid.  As you pointed out, the processors have different TDP's.  The platforms used appear to be different, and perhaps the exact tests were different (I did not read the article in detail).  The power delta must rely outside the CPU, and in the power draw of the DIMMs, drives, other components, and the efficiency of the PSU.