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FAQ - Installation Instructions for ArchLinux

Legal Disclaimer

The information provided below is provided ‘as is’ without a warranty of any kind. You assume all risk associated with your use and modification of ROCm to run on unsupported operating systems and you are solely responsible for any damages that may arise, including but not limited to crash of your system, unstable memory results, and loss of data. AMD disclaims all warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title, non-infringement, and MAKES NO REPRESENTATION AND WARRANTIES that ROCm will run uninterrupted, error free, or in accordance with applicable documentation and specifications.

Arch Linux

The Arch Linux packages for ROCm are available on the `AUR`_ and are currently being maintained at `rocm-arch`_ by the Arch Linux community.


Note: The following installation instructions for ArchLinux are contributed by users. Arch Linux is not currently supported by AMD ROCm and there is no obligation to correct issues that are observed or occur.  Please submit any issues you encounter at the rocm-arch `issue tracker`_.




Since many packages will be installed, it is recommended to use an `AUR helper`_ like `yay`_.


It is also recommended to use the `arch4edu`_ binary repository as it will greatly speed up your installation time.


For directions see `Add arch4edu to your Archlinux`_.


To install ROCm, use the following command:

    yay -S rocm-dkms


You can also install specific ROCm packages like so:

    yay -S rocminfo


For additional installation configuration, such as adding a user to the `video` group refer to the installation instructions of the above operating systems.




To uninstall, use the following command:


yay -R rocm-dkms


For additional installation configuration, such as adding a user to the video group, we refer to AMD's installation guide for their supported operating systems. The process is the same for any Linux distribution.



.. _AUR:


.. _rocm-arch:


.. _issue tracker:


.. _AUR helper:


.. _yay:


.. _arch4edu:


.. _Add arch4edu to your Archlinux:

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