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Adept II

EPYC Workstation build? or just wait for TRX

Hello guys,

I'm going a bit out of my comfort zone here, i do a lot of rack computer builds and they resemble more server than a desktop. But i do this mostly with workstation gear like Threadripper and amd Pro series GPU.

Primary function is video rendering, many IO video recordings and streaming.

I also do a lot of AI inference

Now as a hobby i also participate in a lot of scientific distributed computing projects so having a compute heavy system is always a good thing.

Now i was really exited about trx80 rumors with 8 channel memory, but this whisper seems to have died out.

How feasible is EPYC as an workstation platform? I don't need to overclock because in a rack mount you can only cool so much.

But i do need lots of PCIE slots for IO cards(trx boards have to little), and prefer lots of memory bandwidth for all my hobby projects

I have no experience nor interest with all the server management layers and would prefer to have a windows running normal on the metal like you would have in a normal workstation.

Is this a possibility with a EPYC?

maybe a very stupid question but can you run normal ram in there or is it all ecc-memory/U-dimms?

And can you adjust timings or profiles?

I for example really like the Gigabyte MZ31-AR0 boards, although not much usb stuff like like consumer boards the amount of 7x PCI-e lanes would be perfect, and 10gbe is necessary

If i would be on the other side i take cascade and it has a ton of workstation boards with endless amounts of PCIe slots focused motherboards.

But Red does not have that yet, so im looking for the way forward.

So is this sort of an option? or am i just a kid who needs to wait for a workstation focused TRX40 board that has more than 4 PCIE slots

Thanks for taking the time and any feedback is appreciated.