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epyc for rendering

Hi, I do commercial rendering and use V-Ray and Sketchup. now I had seen that it is also possible to render with Epyc.
Now my question is can someone give me information on how and what I need to be able to render with Epyc. At the moment I have a Pc with a GPU, RTX 2080 I and my CPU is an Amd Threadripper 32 core.

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Re: epyc for rendering

The Threadripper is a mighty beast and many are happy with using this part for V-Ray and other renderers. The companies we work with are choosing EPYC CPUs for their render farms when they have a large number of employees who need to access and require 24/7/365 use. The EPYC is great for the reliability and security. Many are also choosing the 1-socket servers since you can get the density and I really like the new ASUSTeK 6-node, 2U server - a very clever design. I am not sure V-Ray supports, but that is 768 threads in a 2U form factor!

The V-Ray minimum hardware requirements are pretty light. AMD only validates Windows Server 2016/2019 for the EPYC CPU, but it can run with the latest Windows 10. I like what Puget Systems does for their customers to help identify the right hardware to use. 

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