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Journeyman III

Epyc confusion with POST failure

So I recently purchased 2 tray processors

Having a little trouble understanding this issue I am having

POST was succesful, then a few minutes later the system would crash, the system would refuse to boot afterwards

I have tested the board, RMA'd it in fact, the replacement booted the CPU's

Several minutes later the system crashes, the board is RMA'd, no fault is found

I have tested the RAM, the PSU and I can't for the life of me figure out what could possibly be happening, it doesn't sound like a PSB issue as the initial POST was a sucess, but what would be causing this strange behaviour

Board is Supermicro H11DSi-NT and CPU's are Epyc 7601 OEM

Any thoughts or opinions would be great

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Re: Epyc confusion with POST failure

Hello @stevecam ,

We would need more information to be able to assist.  What's the error exactly?  What type of RAM is installed and is it a part number that Supermicro supports?  Has Supermicro support looked into this yet?

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