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Journeyman III

Epyc 7251 processors boot/post problems

Wondering if anyone else has ran across this or can help, 

First off I purchased 10 Dell R7425 servers that were shipped with 7251 processors, long story short Dell shipped me the correct 7551 processors to put in. 

After the dust settled I have 20ea 7251 sitting around, so I purchased a Supermicro H11SSL-i board but could never get it to post/provide a boot screen, thinking the board was the problem, I purchased a Supermicro H11SSL-C, same problem.  Thinking that Supermicro may not support the 7251, I purchased an Asus RS500A-E9-RS4-U server, with no luck, it does the same thing.  Through all this I have purchased the proper RAM each of the manufacturers listed on their "tested"memory lists.

On this post the author mentions that Dell Epyc CPU's may only work in Dell servers

I can imagine this being true, 

BTW after talking to the manufacturers Supermicro & Asus, they want to replace the boards.  I sent one in, but with this many having the same problem, I'm not so sure this will make a difference. 

Thanks for looking in advance, if you have any ideas please chime in.


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