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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

efficient C++ parallelization on 3960x - 3990x Threadrippers

I just got my first AMD Threadripper system (was using Intel before) and am trying to port efficient C++ parallelization fro INtel to AMD CPUs. Before I used either OpenMP or INtel THread Building Blocks, both work 3-4 times slower on AMD vs Intel (defeats teh purpose of getting AMD CPUs). Both Microsoft Visual Studio (Visual C++) and Linux. What C++ parallelizers are AMD professionals using for massive CPU-intensive computations?

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Re: efficient C++ parallelization on 3960x - 3990x Threadrippers

@hyperstrings2003Thanks for reaching out. We understand you have run on Intel/AMD CPUs C++ code that is parallelized using either OpenMP or Intel TBB and are observing slower runtime on Threadrippers. Performance depends on various compile-time and run-time configurations.

AMD tools AOCC and AOCL are targeted to deliver competitive and efficient performance on AMD hardware.

Various parallelizing APIs can be used to deliver performance on AMD CPUs, including OpenMP, MPI etc. Kindly refer to User Guide provided at for various aocc-specific compile-time optimization options.

If you can share a reproducible code and relevant details that is showing degraded performance, we will be able to help you better.

Note that TBB is a proprietary technology of Intel codes with TBB need to be built with icc/icpc compilers.


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