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Journeyman III

Dual 7002 workstation solutions?

Help! I'm currently stuck with apparently incompatible components, and looking for the most cost effective way to get a dual epyc system running. Work load will be exclusively openfoam cfd. So 16 memory channels, and enough cpu power to saturate them, which should mean about 2x7401 or 2x7302 cpus.

Currently have a H11DSi MB, 128gb ram in 16 channels, two 7302 cpus, coolers, power supply, e-atx chassis etc.

Supermicro tech support is saying that the H11DSi is not compatible at all with 7002 cpus.

Is there some way to get the 7302s to work on the H11DSi MB? Or another MB that would work (moving to rack mount if needed)? Or maybe some reputable source for used 7001 cpus, and just shelf the 7302s (really expensive though)?

How I got here: (just for extra info)

Figured out the cheapest solution would be to get a set of 7401 cpus with required hardware. Ordered all of that. CPUs where slowest to arrive, and was sent a pair of 7251 cpus instead. Sent them back to the ebay seller (which claimed it would take 5 weeks to get the correct cpus sent, while at the same time listing 7401s on sale for a much higher price...)

AMD marketing, and supermicro press release say that 7002 should be compatible with 7001 MBs (without pci-e 4). So purchased two new 7302 cpus. But system will not boot up with them.

Contrary to their own press release, Supermicro tech support says only "new" H11DSi MBs will support 7002s, and these are apparently not yet available.

And now I'm trying to figure out the best way to get a working system together, wasting as little more money as possible.

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