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Journeyman III

Does uProf work with 5900X?

I'm trying to use uProf to profile my code on Ubuntu 21.04. The CPU is Ryzen 5900X.

But the GUI is stucking at the "Opening Database" after collecting data.

And the CLI AMDuProfPcm just returns "Missing configuration file - unsupported processor model."

Any idea about this?

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This question on UProf is best to be posted at AMD Forum's Server Gurus:

That is where all questions about UProf are answered by the team that develops the program.



Hi @leiysky ,

'AMDuProfPcm' does not support 5900X, whereas 'AMDuProf' (GUI) and 'AMDuProfCLI' should work for 5900X. Please let us know which version of uProf you are using. Are you using tar.gz package or installed using .deb installer? You may try deleting the directory "$HOME/.AMDuProf/" (Note - It would delete any previously profiled data and uProf settings files). After deleting the directory,  run a new profiling using either 'AMDuProf' or 'AMDuProfCLI'.

It's AMDuProf 3.5-671. I installed it with .deb downloaded from the official site.

I've tried deleting the "$HOME/.AMDuProf". GUI is still stuck at "Opening Database..." right after stop collecting data, even if the collected data is fairly small.

But "AMDuProfCLI" seems work now, I'm trying it out.


The issue is not reproducible on my system here.  Can you please note the steps you are following?  That will help us reproduce the issue.



Adept I

If you know exactly what events you need, you can simply use the Linux perf tool.
Since the 5900X is based on the Zen 3 uarch, you can find all supported events here: