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Journeyman III

Does AMD-SB-1009 (PSP) apply to servers with Epyc processors?

I have several Dell PowerEdge R7425 servers that have the Epyc 7301 processor.  Our Tenable scanner believes we are vulnerable for  because c:\windows\system32\drivers\amdpsp.sys is version

I have installed the driver available from Dell ( but it did not change the version on amdpsp.sys, although it did update the driver showing in Device Manager to version

When I visit the AMD drivers site it does not show any downloads for the Epyc processor (I don't see it under the Chipset either)  

Reading the AMD bulletin I'm not sure it applies the the Epyc series of processors.  But I can't find anything documenting it does not.


Any help would be appreciated.

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