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Adept II

AOCC-2.1.0 - flang not generating executables

I have installed AOCC-2.1.0 w/o any major issue. However, and when I try to configure OpenMPI, something seems to be wrong with flang as the process breaks with the error:

checking if Fortran compiler works... no
* It appears that your Fortran compiler is unable to produce working
* executables.  A simple test application failed to properly
* execute.  Note that this is likely not a problem with Open MPI,
* but a problem with the local compiler installation.  More
* information (including exactly what command was given to the
* compiler and what error resulted when the command was executed) is
* available in the config.log file in the Open MPI build directory.
configure: error: Could not run a simple Fortran program.  Aborting.


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Re: AOCC-2.1.0 - flang not generating executables

Hello,  What is the OpenMPI version you using? To check what exactly the error is - You can open config.log file, and search for 'Could not run a simple Fortran program'.  Generally you face this issue when required libraries are not installed or are not in LD_LIBRARY_PATH. 



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Re: AOCC-2.1.0 - flang not generating executables

Dear AMD User,

Did you try with FC configure option? If not could you please try installing openMPI with below configure options and confirm?

CFLAGS=" -O3 -fPIC -fopenmp "
CXXFLAGS=" -O3 -fPIC -fopenmp "
FCFLAGS=" -O3 -fPIC -fopenm"

./configure --prefix=${PREFIX_PATH} CC=clang CXX=clang++ FC=flang \


                --enable-mpi-fortran --enable-shared=yes --enable-static=yes  \
                --enable-mpi1-compatibility --disable-hwloc-pci


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Adept II

Re: AOCC-2.1.0 - flang not generating executables

Hi ravitejak07‌ and santosh-zan‌,

There was an unrelated problem with that system causing the compilation to fail. I tried to erase the question from the forum but the best that I could manage was to marked it as answered. Thanks.

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