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Journeyman III

AOCC 2.0.0 error

While compiling hdf5-1.8.20 using AOCC 2.0.0 getting clang-8: error: unknown argument: '-soname'

Any solution to this?

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Re: AOCC 2.0.0 error

I think it would be better if you post the query in the appropriate developer forum here: AMD Server Gurus or send an email to

As mentioned in the AOCC homepage:

Technical Support

AOCC is a well-supported compiler suite.  You can get help from the AOCC user community from the AMD compiler support as mentioned below.

  • 1×1 Ticketing system for NDA customers : A dedicated expert can provide you a 1×1 support, advice or help debug an issue over the private web based ticketing . You need NDA with AMD and AMD-SSO login.
  • Email based support: You can also opt for 1×1 support, report issues or seek expert help by emailing . This channel is open to all customers.

Please read the AOCC Technical Support Agreement before submitting a support case.

Ask the Connected Community

If you have a general question or need help from the community, you can post them here or search for existing posts. This helps build the knowledge base which is useful to all users.

P.S. I've moved this post to AMD Server Gurus forum.