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Journeyman III

AMD uProf - Not working, unstable on Windows 11 Insider Preview

OS: Windows 11 Insider Preview
OS Build: 25272
CPU: Ryzen 9 7950X

AMD uProf fails on first attempt with following error:
"The driver failed to start profiling. (error code 0x80070021) Some other process or service has locked the profiling hardware (IOCTL_START_PROFILER)"

I've checked per system informer and process explorer and got two processes accessing \Device\AmdPowerProfiler0:
- AMDProfilerService.exe
- AMDuProf.exe

After dismissing the message, uprof will begin to "collect" data on any new attempt to profile, but will not actually collect anything. Error:

"The raw file has no data!

AMDuProfCLI.exe info --system:

[OS Info]
        OS Details              : Win1121H2-64

[CPU Info]
        AMD Cpu                 : Yes
        Family                  : 0x19
        Model                   : 0x61
        Stepping                : 0x2
        Local APIC              : Yes
        Socket Count            : 1
        SMT Enabled             : Yes
        Threads per Core        : 2
        Threads per CCX         : 16
        Threads per Package     : 32
        Total number of Threads : 32

[PERF Features Availability]
        Core PMC                : Yes
        L3 PMC                  : Yes
        DF PMC                  : Yes
        PERF TS                 : No

[IBS Features Availability]
        IBS                     : Yes
        IBS Fetch Sampling      : Yes
        IBS OP Sampling         : Yes
        IBS FetchCtlExtd        : Yes
        IBS ExtCount            : Yes
        IBS Dispatch            : Yes
        IBS BrTgtAddr           : Yes
        IBS OpData4             : No

[RAPL/CEF Features Availability]
        RAPL                    : Yes
        APERF & MPERF           : Yes
        Read Only APERF & MPERF : Yes
        IRPERF                  : Yes
        HW P-State Control      : Yes

[PERF features supported by OS]
        TBP Supported           : No
        EBP Supported           : Yes
        IBS Supported           : Yes
        IRPERF Supported        : Yes
        APERF Supported         : Yes
        MPERF Supported         : Yes

[Hypervisor Info]
        Hypervisor Enabled      : No


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I have filed a bug report for this, will keep you posted on the progress of the same.