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Journeyman III

7302P sitting at 1.7GHz idle

New HPE DL325 Geb10 out of the box yesterday.  I need the idle speed to sit closer to the base speed, I have edited the WIN 2019 control panel power profile and the power/processor settings in the BIOS based on the guides in here but it is still idling low. Does anyone have and suggestions, I assume it's part of some green HPE setting that's causing it. Please help! 

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Hello jfrost‌, the platform is lowering the core frequency due to the idle states and c-states being enabled.  This allows the OS and BIOS to lower the core frequency to conserve power when nothing is going on.  You should be able to disable this in BIOS, as well as other power saving features that could lower other clocks within the SoC.