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Journeyman III

Problem with 6900 xt

I have amd rx 6900 xt and 5700 xt
I am using HashcatGUI on Windows
but I'm getting these errors. I searched in google and didn't see a solution to the problem.
1-ADL_Overdrive5_CurrentActivity_Get(): -8
3-* Device #1: Kernel ./OpenCL/ build failed - proceeding without this device.
I tested all versions of Hashcat and it did not work, knowing that I did not encounter the same problem with Nvidia.

I tested each graphics card separately including the NVIDIA RTX 3080 on the same pc
Hashcat only fails with Amd "knowing that I have activated the OpenCL option from the amd settings"

Is there anyone who can help?🤔

Screenshot (24)_LI.jpg

2 Replies
Adept I

I recommend you to send an email to amd support, this forum is dead

Hello, my hardware -WS X299 SAGE / 10G -Intel (R) Core (TM) i9-7980XE -128 Gb Corsair Dominator platinum Before installing the radeon rx 6900 xt a radeon VII was installed. With the AMD clean utility I removed the previous drivers in safe mode then I proceeded to install adrenalin 2020 21.3.1. If I open GPU-Z, under the heading computing, OpenCL is without the check If I run the openCL test with geekbench this stops at the SFFT worload and to get the score I have to cancel the test.

Any help please?
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