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ROCm™ Open Software Platform for Accelerated Compute

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Welcome developers to the first in a series of blogs about AMD ROCm. Im Terry Deem, Product Manager for ROCm. In these blogs, I will let you know about upcoming new releases, features, training, and case studies surrounding ROCm. The ROCm SDK is a set of tools, libraries, and API for developing HPC applications using GPUs for computingYou can learn more about ROCm with this introduction video located here 


After watching the introduction video, you might want to know more about HIP. HIP is the API used to develop your application to run on either an AMD or NVIDIA GPU. This powerful API makes it easy to, with minimal effort, let the same source code compile for both AMD and NVIDIA GPU’s. If your application is already in CUDA and you want to expand it to work on AMD GPU’s, use the HIPIFY tool. This tool will automatically convert the source from CUDA to HIP.   


In this blog, I am happy to announce our first set of on demand videos on the ROCm technology. You can find them here below. In these videos you will learn about AMD GPUs and how to develop applications that can utilize their compute power to accelerate your applications. You will learn how the GPU works, how threading works on them and how to write your programs using the HIP API in the ROCm SDK.  


ROCm Video Series 

1) Introduction to AMD GPU Hardware: Link 

2) GPU Programming Concepts Part 1 - Porting with HIP: Link 

3) GPU Programming Concepts Part 2 - Device Management, Synchronization and MPI ProgrammingLink 

4) GPU Programming Concepts Part 3 - Device Code, Shared Memory and Thread SynchronizationLink 

5) GPU Programming Software - Compilers, Libraries and ToolsLink 

6) Porting CUDA to HIPLink 


ROCm and HIP are foundational to the applications that will run on the two Exascale systems that was recently announced, Frontier and El Capitan. You can learn more about ROCm on our documentation site located hereWe are excited to see what you can do with HIP and look forward to hearing from you.  




Terry Deem is a Sr. Product Manager for ROCm at AMD. His postings are his own opinions and may not represent AMD’s positions, strategies or opinions. Links to third party sites are provided for convenience and unless explicitly stated, AMD is not responsible for the contents of such linked sites and no endorsement is implied.