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An Ecosystem Without Borders

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The AMD ROCm™ open software platform is all about freedom. When you move your software to the ROCm platform, you gain the freedom that comes with a vendor-neutral code base. Now you enjoy the freedom to run your HPC and AI/ML code on a broad range of GPU accelerators, from the desktop to the data center, regardless of the manufacturer. You have the freedom to choose the architecture that best suits your needs, regardless of the server or processor vendor. And you have a choice of programming languages, so chances are that whatever you are using today will also run on the ROCm platform. Now you have the ultimate freedom to get your work done the way you want to do it. Develop and test on a workstation. Run in the data center. Scale into exascale computing with the most powerful data center GPU accelerators available anywhere.



Choose your application, open APIs, and tools. ROCm™ enables your ecosystem.


The 5th generation of the ROCm platform is available now with the ROCm 5 release, building on a stable, reliable software foundation for accelerated compute environments. ROCm 5 brings expanded device support and access, optimizations to help advance performance, and can help you cut time to science and discovery through a fully-open compute approach. ROCm 5 delivers:

  • Expanded support and access: we support the latest AMD Instinct™ MI200 series accelerators including the MI210 with SR-IOV virtualization support beginning in the 5.0.1 release. Our workstation support now includes AMD Radeon™ Pro W6800 Workstation GPUs for a low-cost development platform.
  • Optimized performance: with complier and library optimizations that affect all hardware—part of what you get from having a global team of experts working on an open-source platform. Continued efforts have been made to reduce kernel launch latencies helping to  improve software platform efficiencies.
  • Increased productivity: We continue to streamline and improve the tool chain, and we’ve improved installation and packaging. The new gpuFORT conversion tool is in early release on github.


Making the ROCm platform even easier to adopt

For ROCm users and developers, AMD is continually looking for ways to make ROCm easier to use, easier to deploy on systems and to provide learning tools and technical documents to support those efforts.

Helpful Resources:

  • The ROCm web pages provide an overview of the platform and what it includes, along with markets and workloads it supports.
  • ROCm Information Portal is a new one-stop portal for users and developers that posts the latest versions of ROCm along with API and support documentation. This portal also now hosts the ROCm Learning Center to help introduce the ROCm platform to new users, as well as to provide existing users with curated videos, webinars, labs, and tutorials to help in developing and deploying systems on the platform. It replaces the former documentation and learning sites.
  • InfinityHub image.pngAMD Infinity Hub gives you access to HPC applications and ML frameworks packaged as containers and ready to run. You can also access the ROCm Application Catalog, which includes an up-to-date listing of ROCm enabled applications. 
  • AMD Accelerator Cloud offers remote access to test code and applications in the cloud, on the latest AMD Instinct™ accelerators and ROCm software. Finally, learn more about our latest AMD Instinct accelerators, including the new MI210 PCIe® form factor GPU recently added to the family of AMD Instinct MI200 series of accelerators and supporting partner server solutions in our AMD Instinct Server Solutions Catalog.



Guy Ludden is Sr. Product Marketing Mgr. for AMD. His postings are his own opinions and may not represent AMD’s positions, strategies or opinions. Links to third party sites are provided for convenience and unless explicitly stated, AMD is not responsible for the contents of such linked sites and no endorsement is implied.

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