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Adept III

TOP/MID rig that still goes through transformations

So, I've been upgrading this rig since beginning of last year. I was changing part by part, it's been through 3 cpu coolers already, 3 cases, 2 gpus, 2 ram sticks, added another ssd and m2, Well, to be honest still I'm not fully satisfied with it but it almost nails it already ':D 

Tomahawk Max B450

Ryzen 5 3600

Gskill trident z 16GB 3200

RX 6800

Cooler Master V2 GPU mount

Phanteks p400 argb

CoolerMaster 240 AIO Mirror

Bequiet! 11 650W Gold

Samsung 860 256 ssd, WD Blue 512 ssd, Samsung 970 512 M.2

Led strips with NZXT Smart Device V2

1612700369580.jpg1612700369587.jpg1612700369573.jpgIMG_20210207_142157.jpg1601016156966.jpgIMG_20200601_080328 (2).jpgIMG_20200518_205505-01.jpgIMG_20200512_091122-01.jpg


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Re: TOP/MID rig that still goes through transformations

Nice build!


With the case in the living room it may be worthwhile to limit the extra lighting and noise.  Something like the Nanoxia Deep Silence 3 would work there.  I currently use a Nanoxia case for my primary Kodi server which is also in the living room.

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