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Re: Oscar Mike

Thank you realmadrooster​! Do you have an AMD rig now? if so please post it.

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Adept II

Re: Oscar Mike

Not yet but hopefully after Christmas.

Adept I

Re: Oscar Mike

This looks sick! Really pretty system with some great power behind it.
Hopefully I can pull off a build that looks as nice as this, it's trouble finding orange parts that don't look too tacky.

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Re: Oscar Mike


For others interested in Closed Loop AIO Watercooling of Vega 64/56 I  found this for Vega Cards.

Alphacool Eiswolf 240 GPX Pro AMD RX Vega M01 - Black | Eiswolf | Alphacool | Interne Sets | Sets un...

and saw this - the review is on a 1080 but the principle is the same:
Alphacool Eiswolf GPX Pro Review on GTX 1080 - YouTube

Vega 64 Liquid Edition Cards seem to have been sold at discount on Black Friday at ~ 600 here. All AIB cards are currently 700-800, so maybe purchasing a
Vega 64 Reference and adding the Alphacool AIO is the best solution for those without a Custom Water Loop.

Interesting article on Watercooling Vega 64 here. AMD RX Vega 64: The Tom's Hardware Liquid Cooled Edition


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