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Journeyman III

5900x Overclocking and proper ram timings

Hello, I just yesterday upgraded from a 3900x to the glorious 5900x, and I was curious what if any differences subtl;e or overt, do I ned to be aware of when over clocking?

  I noticed right away several things had changed, and the bios on the x570 Crosshair 8Hero Wifi was much more robust with many more options.

Any help[ would be greatly appreciated.


The Virtual D

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Re: 5900x Overclocking and proper ram timings

Pretty good primer here.


As for memory, I haven't noticed significant differences between the Zen2 and Zen3 memory controller.


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Adept I

Re: 5900x Overclocking and proper ram timings

That’s because both the 3000 and 5000 series use the same controller as far as I know. Haven’t been able to squeeze out 1900 fClk and 3800 RAM on either my 3950X or my 5950X But both manage 1866 fClk and 3733 RAM. Though definitely have only done one initial test on the 5950X, been too busy with GPUs to do CPU OCing. Will test it more in the future though.

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