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Zing Not Bling

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Board /CPU/AIO/PSU installedBoard /CPU/AIO/PSU installedSide on/lights onSide on/lights onFrontFrontGigabyte RX 6800 GPU installedGigabyte RX 6800 GPU installedLimited RGB turned on/dark roomLimited RGB turned on/dark room


Corsair 750D Air Flow Edition case, Corsair RM750x PSU, Corsair H155i GTX AIO, AMD 5600X @ 4.5GHZ/1.2v all-core OC'ed CPU, ASUS TUF Gaming X570 PLUS motherboard, Creative Labs Sound Blaster Z audio card, Gigabyte AMD RX 6800 GPU OC'ed to 2400/2500 core clock/2150 VRAM FAST timing/1mV undervolted/+15% power/custom fan curve, 16GB Team Force Dark Gaming DDR4 3733 tuned to 3933Mhz RAM, Seagate "Compute" 1TB/2.5" SSD, LG DVD/RW  Temps: ~35-60C CPU, ~39-70C GPU load dependent

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