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OC Community has talking points for RX 7000 / Community Manager needed


I am part of the enthusiast/oc community and follow the (lately pretty unsuccessful) development of tools like MorePowerTool.

Over there I sense some discomfort about RDNA2s locked down clocks, power and voltage limits and now subsequently even tighter limits with RDNA3. It has come to a point where unlocking even PPT values seems to be off limits for enthusiasts and  water cooling as well as overclocking is getting less and less valuable because of this. People need to buy special hardware to be able to raise voltages above the GPU BIOS specified limits. This is strange for a company advertising like this not that long ago:

At this time it is entirely possible that some kind of open Letter / call for change could surface. And I have the feeling it is preventable. I know from unoffical communications with AMD engineers that they are not happy with the state of RDNA OC tools themself and hope to be able to do something next year after the most pressing issues with RDNA3 are under control.

So we are aware a quick fix to oc paradise is not possible. What is possible tho is a community manager collecting feedback from the oc community, find out the state and planned oc support from the engineers and maybe even connect those two groups to find a short term band aid solution that allows people to raise power limits again like with RDNA2.

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Community Manager

Thank you for your post @sonic12434wtdsfxt4w--w7 

I will forward it to our Software Team in just a moment. In addition, I'm going to move your post to the Red Team Overclockers Group

By the way, welcome to Red Team! 

Your biggest fan!
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Adept II

Even beyond the restrictions being unfortunate, the current way that undervolting works in Adrenaline is less than ideal. Instead of it putting a hard cap on how much voltage your card can draw for RDNA3, it impacts the entire curve, which can have massively unintended effects lower down the VF curve. For example, my card (7900XTX) isn't stable with anything less than 1135mV in the Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker benchmark, however if I VSR to 4K it can pass at 1090mV consistently. It sure would be nice if we were able to put an actual voltage cap without messing with the entire curve; it's clear that on GPU bound scenarios my UV is stable, but it would be nice if I could have that UV active without messing up the rest of the curve. Maybe there's something I'm missing? I remember back in the Vega days you could set target voltages for PL states along the whole curve.


 Undevolted mine down to 990mV still worked with 3200 mghz limit and 2690 on memory. Started loosing performance before that. Was juts curious.  Stable run 3d mark and in games on setting in  picture below



Yeah you're definitely the exception rather than the rule. Plenty of folks can't get lower than 1100mv without instability. Hell, plenty of people are having instability at stock settings.

Adept I

The overclock is 100% blocked