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CPU lapping

IMG_0939.JPGJust thought I'd share a pic of this Ryzen 5600 I worked on the other day.  Notice how the corners are the first area to show exposed copper.  All Ryzen cpus I've lapped exhibit the same thing, which makes sense because the corners would be the strongest part of the integrated heat spreader.  Sanding the processor will help your waterblock or heatsink make better contact with the center of the cpu
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Here is an example of 3 different 2600X processors I lapped. The two on the right were lapped about the same, and you can see that the entire perimeter of the integrated heat spreader was higher than the middle part which covers the cores and IO die.  The top left processor I took all the way down to bare copper.  I generally only lap them until they're like the two on the right because I'm mostly concerned with the flatness of the IHS, and not necessarily having bare copper.

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I lapped a CPU once - only once though.  I think it was an AMD Thunderbird CPU and that was many years ago.  The goal was to get the best contact with the CPU air cooler (no AIO coolers back then) and I think it was a rated 1800 CPU that ran as a 2500 CPU.  I might have the numbers confused now because it's been so long.  I don't lap the CPU covers anymore.  

One of my earlier builds - the Globe of Retribution.One of my earlier builds - the Globe of Retribution.

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