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Adept III

Christmas Ryzen 5 5600 OC FUN

Copped a wicked cheap 5 5600 off Amazon in Dec (only $118 !?!?!) shipping said Jan-Feb, but it actually arrived before Xmas.

Figured it would be a good upgrade for my gaming rig (5 3600) and I can hand the 3600 down to my youngest son to replace his 5 1600.

Gaming Rig specs:

MB- ASROCK X570 Phantom Gaming - BIOS 4.10

PS- Thermaltake Smart 600W

CPU- Ryzen 5 5600

Memory- Samsung B-die DDR4 3200

GPU- GTX 1080 TI  (Sorry AMD, this unicorn is STILL an FPS beast, and to upgrade would cost over 500)

Stock Benches:

Ryzen 5 5600 stock PassMark CPU.PNGRyzen 5 5600 Stock CPU & GPU Firestrike Ultra.PNG

Overclocked CPU 4700 1.2V Benches:

Ryzen 5 5600 4700 1.2V PassMark CPU.PNGRyzen 5 5600 4700 1.2V Firestrike Ultra.PNG

If you want absolutely the best bang for the buck gaming CPU- the 5 5600 rocks. (the single-thread performance is sick)

If you want to overclock go for the 5600X as they are the best of the BIN, and your chance of winning the silicon lottery is all but guaranteed.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Team RED!


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Adept III


4700, 1.2v is a great OC

I change the curve optimizer to -20 and +200mhz and that´s it, 4650Mhz in single core and ~4500mhz in multi core.

Mine it´s an OC for the lazy 


This is on my desk right now. 5800x3d and a 6750xt. stock benchmarks