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Adept II

New build for June. Got a Tower100 Turqz


  • I got a Thermaltake Tower 100 Turquoise Edtion coming monday.  Have a few 7900xt and 7800 sitting, a itx asrock and a ryzen 5600x brand new still in the box sealed.   One 240 aio  so going to put a smaller budget well kinda budget, gpu will be 500i-600ish depends on which card fits.  Think I only need a few cables, psu and ddr.  Fans I have a ton of..  See what I come up with.  Keep y’all posted..
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Adept II

Ok so few days now after surgery. Still recovering slowly.  Anyways,  having an issue with the 5900x on the ASROCK Itx mb.  It will not hold the cpu overclock in the bios?  Ok so ryzen master get all that setup and the check box set to write to bios etc.  reboot and back to 3.7mhz max with zero boost.  Ok fine,  go into the bios and setup manual. Reboot and in windows no boost again.  Like what gives ASROCK?  Bios version is a beta 3.44 but that beta shouldn’t of affected the cpu settings..  So grabbed another am4 5600x I had. Tried ryzen master and it works?  I spend half a day trying different setting with the 5900x.  Zzz. So right now running a 5600x .  If anyone had issues with Asrock bios let me know.  Maybe there’s a setting or override boost that needs to be off that I’m missing?  But what’s odd the ryzen master will not write to bios with the 5900x.. who knows..

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That is strange.  I wouldn't use a beta BIOS version though - can you flash it back to the last official release?

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That beta is for the newer 5000G gpu onboard chips. But I’ll try that anyway.  Super weird for sure.  That 5900x is brand new and works in a gigabyte aorus itx first try with ryzen master boosted to 5ghz.  So for sure it’s not the cpu.