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Re: Want to be Red Team Plus? Tell us your Red Team Story

no... you are!

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Re: Want to be Red Team Plus? Tell us your Red Team Story

     I can only Dream of becoming a Red Team Plus Member but even though the possibility is slim, here is my story. I was initially introduced to AMD because of my financial situation. I work a minimum wage job and got lucky and had a few extra dollars to spend on a computer. I remembered growing up with a small computer and I had played some on my wife's school laptop, but I wanted to become more a part of the computer gaming scene, so I bought a little 300 dollar PC from Walmart, it was ok for a few games but I hated that I couldn't play a lot of the games I wanted to very effectively, so with no experience I went online and bought a little 25 dollar graphics card, opened up my computer. boom, no PCI-express or anything, I had just spent 25 dollars that I couldn't afford, for nothing.

I could have just given up there but determined to game at higher than 15 FPS I started the process that brought me to where I am today.  So still being poor making less than 18000 a year I couldn't afford everything that I wanted so I started small, I worked overtime, saved every few dollars extra I could and bought the first few parts that became my first build. this time though I spent days just watching youtube and reading all I could on building PCs, but something bothered me, all the channels I watched used Intel chips and the price on just a simple machine was so expensive that I couldn't afford it at all. so I went back to the drawing board.            

     I remembered that my desktop had an AMD processor in it so I started searching, AMD Sempron, AMD APU, AMD Athlon, I was surprised that they were all so cheap but I wanted power and I thought what about more cores, then I found it the AMD FX-6300 hex-core. it was cheap, had higher speed that the intel chips that were way more expensive, more cores than the intel chips, and in my glee I bought it right there, now i had to find a motherboard that could support it, found a cheap gigabyte board that was workable and had PCI express on it, I checked this time, saw a cheap R9 270 and figured ok and ordered a cheap case to put it in, got it home and put it together, played some games on it and was hooked, then I decided this is fun lets see if I can play and stream to twitch, good but only ok not great, need more power. so after doing some digging, I found the FX-8350 More cores, More Speed, great lets see what this can do, great steaming, but my gameplay suffered, so my next big purchase was the graphics upgrade, AMD CPUs were great so what about the graphics cards, even though everybody online was saying Nvidia's this and Nvidia that, the frame rates weren't that much better than the Cheaper AMD graphics card, so I saved up and bought an R9 390, that was my second build.

     Then my father died and gaming became my way out of the depression, I got into overclocking and streaming, now I'm still poor but every dollar I spent was well worth it. I would have had an even harder time dealing with my father's death if it wasn't for AMD, I would have given up building PCs if I had to deal with the expensive prices of Nvidia and Intel. I could have never afforded to be able to play and even start to stream on twitch and do gaming videos for youtube. AMD has even helped me to start making more money because of my twitch and youtube. AMD even helped me to finally get the courage to come out as transgender because of the confidence I have gained from working hard and building something for myself, I know that many of those who would read this, if anyone reads this, don't find this a story worthy of being an AMD red team plus member, but this is my story of what AMD has done for me, no Great Overclocking Skills, No Excellent Customer support, no Amazing Gaming Exploits, nothing AMD as a company has done for me specifically, but how one Chip has changed my life and brought me more courage, more confidence, more joy, and if by some off chance I become an AMD red team plus member, I can do even more to show the world what AMD has done for me, but if not I only hope I can show enough support for AMD as it has unintentionally done for me.


Re: Want to be Red Team Plus? Tell us your Red Team Story

I hope to have that + mark some day. As some of you may I know I made the AMD Power House as well as the Red Neck PC that was made from door molding, wood screws and a bunch of extra AMD parts I had (still works to this day BTW). I also am a avid You tuber that post AMD Setups as well as how too / how don't and I am glad to announce that the second of their release I will be making a RyZen R7 Black / MSI Titanium / can you guess what video card system ? and I am already getting excited with build ideas! This community has been great, unlike MOST forums this one does not have a lot of anger in it. Ask a question in the ROG forums and be prepared to be ambushed about something that has nothing to do with your question. Not here though, people are so quick to help as well as I have been more then happy to help people as I have tried so many combination of setups in the last 20 years (have been building a lot AMD / ATI systems since i was like 11) and have experienced a lot of what can happen with these setups and I am happy to lend a helping hand or ideas. I am glad to have been a very long time - hard core AMD GPU, CPU, RAM and 990 Chip set user. I love showing what AMD can do on all fronts and would be ecstatic to go to AMD events.

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Re: Want to be Red Team Plus? Tell us your Red Team Story

I would love to become a Red Team Plus member. AMD Community has been great to be recently, and have really inspired me to aim for the Stars. Mr. Raja Kudori and Dr. Lisa Su and their passion about PC Hardware/Gaming and the Community is what inspired me to go out and follow my Dreams, and hoping that one day, i can be a part of Future AMD Products as an electrical enginnering, it's my life's goal!!

On the freetime nowdays, i am designing RADEON DESIGN - WALLPAPERS and upcoming RYZEN WALLPAPERs as well. I am currently just an aspiring artist who got into Design earlier this year, and i am continuing learning new things everyday, to increase the quality of my Wallpapers for AMD and the Community.

I also like to game on my freetime, my favorite types are RPGs. Sadly the University is taking everything from me, and i am currently not able to Game with my current PC. I hope that next year, i'll build a new one, as the situation gets better for me. I have been waiting for RYZEN for so long, every since i heard Jim Keller speaking about it 3 years ago. I can't believe it's finally happening, but to get my hands on it, will take sometime.

Being a member of the Red Team Plus, would get me closer to the Community and closer to AMD, i would be able to design much more arts and being noticed by AMD. It's my 2017 goal.


Re: Want to be Red Team Plus? Tell us your Red Team Story

For me, my connection to AMD ties into 30+ years of PC gaming.  My first PC was a Commodore 128 hooked up to my parents tube TV via an RF adapter.  And from that point on, I was hooked on that setup.  I loved gaming on the big screen.  Over the ensuing years however, CRT computer monitors readily increased their resolution, while TVs remained at 480.  That made it extremely difficult to continue using a television as a primary monitor.

Enter the 2000s and cheap flat screen technology!  Once again, monitors and televisions used the same TFT technology and operated at similar resolutions.  I set about building a system that would function as a "total entertainment" system.  That dream seemed to about to become a reality with the launch of Windows 7 in 2009.  Anticipating that launch,  Ceton corp had released the InfiniTV 4 which was the first digital cablecard tuner to allow Windows Media Center to function as a four tuner DVR.  PCs already had solid support for gaming and music,  now all I needed was to add Blu-ray and DVD video rips to the functionality.  The movies library could be added to windows media center with My Movies and a secondary player like PowerDVD.

There were issues at the time.  Very few sound cards would bitstream high definition audio from a Blu-ray rip or ISO, and those that would cost in the neighborhood of $200-$250.  Enter the fall of 2009 and the launch of the Radeon HD 5870.  The launch of that card was like a beautiful dream.  Not only was it faster by a significant margin compared to any other card at the time, the power usage was incredibly low.  What's more, it could bitstream the high definition audio codecs from Blu-ray movies.  Yes, no other soundcard required, just plug in a single cabled and you get video and full HD audio to your receiver.  But what would it cost?  Nvidia's GTX 280 was priced at $649 when it launched a year earlier as the fastest card.  Surely a card faster than any before it and including HD audio would fetch a premium price.  $379 is what it retailed for.  That gave me my PC that could do everything I wanted it to and I had the nostalgia moment of gaming on the big screen, just like my Commodore 128.  That happened because of AMD, and they didn't even rake me over the coals for the privilege.

I did build the total entertainment machine, I wrote about it in the System Builders Guide 2010 article on "AnandTech".  Alan's Ultimate HTPC - Holiday 2010 System Builder's Guide.  It's the final build on there.  If that case looks familiar it is because I still use it today.  Monolith.   It provides a level of airflow for overclocking and silent operation virtually unmatched by contemporary cases. 

I have gone on to build plenty of AMD based systems for others.  My parents run a Phenom II 940 machine in my old Tsunami Dream case and a primary machine.  They also have a systems for movies on the TV downstairs running an A8-3850 Llano APU.  I built "The Cube" for a friend featuring an FX-8350 processor in a Corsair Air 540 case.  While I recently did another build for a friend, this one featuring a Fractal Design case and a Ryzen 5 1500X.

I love AMD products, and that love really stems from the pursuit of a little nostalgia, and the release of one amazing video card that a company priced far, far lower than they could have.

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Re: Want to be Red Team Plus? Tell us your Red Team Story

10 months ago, I asked for your consideration for RTP, and in that time much has happened.

My Twitch following has grown over 500%, I have triple the concurrent viewership and it continues to grow.

It's an honor for me to stream under the banner of AMD for both #AMDCommunityNight and Sunday Creative.

I get to promote AMD products every single day, through social media, but also by actively making content.

Thanks to AMD, the Ryzen and FuryX, I get to reliably stream on one system. Show the power, and versatility of the products. Products that every morning challenge me to be better. Products that have enriched my life, and expanded my horizons for creative content. Products that do so much for my productivity, so much so well, that I am still growing into them.

I went from this...

Intro 9 16 16 - YouTube

to this since my Ryzen 1800x.

Intromain5 22 17 - YouTube

(and there are so many more tools to learn!)

People say "AMD is back in the Game", and under certain context that is true. I believe, AMD has always been in the game. It's been here for all of us Gamers and Content creators. It's always had the price to performance solution, just now that comes with power scaled up. The "Infinity Fabric", "Vega"  and "Threadripper" are targeting the enthusiast market, and the other guys are frantic. AMD isn't just back in the game, AMD planned this all along.

That means even more people will be drawn into this community, it would be my honor, to welcome them, but even more, to engage with them.

Engage by actively making content, through streaming on AMD and building those relationships that matter in an online community.

I am writing this because, I want everyone to know that I have never given up on this goal.

I push myself everyday to be better, to grow this community with the hope that one day, I can put that R+, next to my name.

Thank you for reading.

Thank you AMD, for having this community in which I have made so many friendships.


Proud #AMDRedTeam and #AMDStreamTeam Member

#BetterRed #RyzenHype

PS:  Shoutout to virgo4u​ and downl1nk​ for giving me the inspiration to stream, and always making me feel welcome and a part of something when you did. If you hadn't I wouldn't be doing what I am doing, and having so much fun doing it. Thank you.

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Re: Want to be Red Team Plus? Tell us your Red Team Story

I just love this thread.....

It brings out the passion for all things red and gaming in each of the members posts.

And reading through them, you get an insight into the member behind each of the usernames...

Hope you all get chosen as Red Team Plus members...

I should think its better to have more big guns than less...

And after all its on a WORLD scale


Re: Want to be Red Team Plus? Tell us your Red Team Story

Keeping it real,  well said sir!  The community reminds us all from time to time that as we progress as individuals, AMDRedTeam will progress with you. 


Re: Want to be Red Team Plus? Tell us your Red Team Story

mohotashi - you have been one of my inspirations on the interweb (Twitch/Twitter) - I could've sworn that you were already an RTP member as everything about you screams RTP and I'm sure I'm not alone in that observation.

I want to thank you for the encouragement you've given me in regards to streaming and also for your generosity towards other members in many ways: Your passion, dedication, positive attitude, talent, and time.


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Re: Want to be Red Team Plus? Tell us your Red Team Story

Heya community!

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Lutfi Jahangir Chowdhury and I was born and brought up in Dubai, U.A.E. My nationality is Bangladeshi and I'm currently residing in Bangladesh since 1998. Throughout my childhood I've had the pleasure of being around office machines built around AMD K series processors and even though I wasn't knowledgeable enough I took note of the signature (bi-directional)arrow logo which served more of a familiar face when dealing with a bland, beige, top-mounted CRT desktop machine in front of clerks.

Back in Dubai, access to technology and pretty much anything your heart desired was far easy. At least that's how I would see it after my arrival in Bangladesh in mid-1998. Mentioning anything along the lines of AMD would just give me blank looks and it was only until 2000-2001 where the region found a craze with computers and in so doing, found out what AMD did/created and what they stood for. Prices weren't favorable due to lack of options but I went out of my way, sometimes saving up lunch money and sometimes doing chores. My first AMD component came to be in 2008 when I purchased an XFX Radeon HD4850 followed by an XFX Radeon HD5770 in 2010 and then an XFX Radeon HD6870 in 2011. If you include the ATi cards then I went through two prior to the aforementioned, one in 2000 with a Rage 128 Pro and the Sapphire Radeon 9550 in 2004. To note, the Radeon branding stuck to my my grey matter after my first two purchases so I think that would qualify as a stepping stone to my introduction to all good things from AMD in the graphics department.

Since my time here in Bangladesh, as of late, I've had access to sourcing parts from all over the world and try to keep a leg above all things in tech. So much so that my friends have associated me with them and often call me when they need any system that needs "troubleshooting". When AMD announced their APU platform I thought it'd be a good idea to jump onbard with the A10-6800K after waiting out for the platform to mature. I wasn't, nor will I ever be, disappointed with my choice since it's yet supporting my endeavors and the bulk of the tasks that I do on a daily basis.

My father wanted me to be a doctor(seeing how he was a surgeon) and I had to argue and debate not being one but we both came to the same page when he suggested I choose architecture as a career, to study for, in university. While casual discussions would ensue with my friends and colleagues, they'd been kind enough to encourage me to go the next step with how I dealt with system's, on a casual level, to one that was professional and a sort of meat and potatoes for the family. I took their advice and founded Modworkx Customs in 2013. Although the roots of the establishment are somewhat recent, the experience behind it isn't. Being an aficionado for computer hardware, watercooling and ofc modding, I thought they'd all fit under one roof and allow me some flexibility. Today I try the utmost of my abilities to incorporate habitable areas, rooms and spaces with compact, functional and aesthetically pleasing system's. Mini-itx builds in compact living spaces being one notable forte of mine. It was only a natural progression to get system's to blend seamlessly with interiors and exteriors.

When people come around to Modworkx Customs, the first thing we try and push forward is that there isn't a better price to performance ratio found in the market outside of AMD. For all those budget conscious buyers yet trying to get as much performance, out of their investments, as possible, AMD fits that market segment very well. In doing so I've had the opportunity to build a couple of AMD Kaveri system's for a couple of clients. Notably the A10-7850K, A10-7870K and A10-7890K. Clients with pre-existing AMD system's ranging from AM2+ and AM3+ platforms with discrete AMD GPU's come around for maintenance and driver support because we know it takes some love and care to get AMD to it's peak point.

To this day, I bring everyone I know up to speed with how far my history with AMD spans and in doing so I try and ascertain that I have a soft spot for the brand(though not the fan boy) and all the people behind it who stand by it with dedication. With this I would like to enroll onto the Red Team Plus initiative to help me go that extra mile and show others that it's not just word of mouth but a pool of emotions, ideas and opportunities for today and for the future!

In case others would like to reference me to an alias and it's activities, I'd like to add that, I'm active around Tom'Hardware and you can find me under the same handle so if you're from around there, you'll know who I am.

Looking forward,

Lutfij aka Lutfi J