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Want to be Red Team Plus? Tell us your Red Team Story

We want to hear your Red Team story and why you think you would be a good fit for AMD Red Team Plus. Tell us in the comments below!


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Re: Want to be Red Team Plus? Tell us your Red Team Story

     I would love to be a Red Team Plus member because I enjoy spreading the message of community among gamers.  I love being able to help someone when they are in need, be it with an answer to a problem they were having or just simply being someone they can talk to and then getting to see their happiness afterwards. That's what makes it all worth it.  I love Paying It Forward and being part of such a strong, helpful and amazing community. I really enjoy meeting new people and helping to build a great gaming community. I strive to show the benefit of being an AMD Red Team member on everyone of my Twitch Streams. I want to inspire unity among gamers of all backgrounds, to stand under the same Red flag of gaming as one.  From the awesome AMD logos on my stream, to the even more awesome #BetterRed logos on my powerful (yet affordable!) AMD system, I  want to show the world that it is indeed #BetterRed. There are such strong pillars in the ADMRTP such as Virgo4U (Renee), Torn_tv(Ian), J3SteR727(Dean),Iwalkwiththedead(Daniel) I feel that I would make a great addition to the RedTeamPlus.  I would love the opportunity be able to show my love for AMD products to so many more people, to help show how AMD products can benefit them and spread the Red Team Creed to every person I meet:

       We are Red Team. And we are one.

We are the creatives. The passionate gamers. Dev gurus. The battle-tested PC builders…you get the picture.

We are from every walk of life. And from all over the globe.

But no matter who we are, what we do, or where we come from, we are more than a team. We are a tribe. A tribe that believes in something bigger than ourselves. A tribe that’s here to share our passions. Our time. Our knowledge.

Red Team members build one another up – never tear each other down. We are dedicated to unification while recognizing that we’re all individuals. Individuals that bring our own passions and gifts to the table.

We are Red Team members. And a Red Team member is a member for life. We are here to make some noise. We are here to support and share and learn and teach and change our corner of the world while doing so. The question isn’t who is going to let us, it’s who is going to stop us.

We are Red Team. And we are one.

Thank you,

Derrick Gott

Future RedTeam Plus Hopeful.

I live #BetterRed



Re: Want to be Red Team Plus? Tell us your Red Team Story

I would love to be Red team plus because I love tech, and going to gaming conventions, events, and awesome product release shows, sharing the Red Team Creed and various AMD knowledge to people at the events would be amazing! It would also be great to be a part of the AMD team at the events, taking part in the gaming, #payitforward, and all the other cool things AMD does at conventions and LANs. I'm also happy to share what I know about AMD products and overclocking with the other amdredteam members, and to anyone else who will listen, because it is a passion of mine! That, and I really like helping others out with tech issues, or questions, or anything else. I love testing, benching and pushing hardware to the limit regardless of what it is, so I have learned a lot over the years I've been into PC's. I'm currently working on improve the Hwbot AMD Red Team standings, which I am the team leader of over on Hwbot.

I also like to interact with  iwalkwithedead, virgo4u​, j3ster727​ and all the other awesome guys and gals that are a part of amdredteam​ and AMD Red Team plus both on this forum, and on Twitter/twitch/wherever they may be active. This would be a great opportunity to meet all of the RTP members, see what they are really passionate about and become a part of the RTP Tribe!


-Cavemanthe0ne (Nik Caven)

RTP Hopeful


Re: Want to be Red Team Plus? Tell us your Red Team Story

     Hey guys, I think that the AMD RED Team Plus and I would make a pairing. I have a love for technology and pushing the edge of technology that would allow me to passionately , yet fairly assess any new hardware or software that comes my way. I have a Diploma as a PC system specialist and an associates of occupational science in Information Technology. I still have fond memories of being at the local tech school and having customers coming in for repairs. I would be the first one to stand up and hope I was chosen to repair it. My teacher would sometimes say"anyone other than Carl want to work on this one". If there is a problem with a computer and I can't figure it out , it will eat at me till I do fix it.  Also help me if I really did nothing and it decides to just work. I'm sure we all have had those.


     I started working on computers around 2000. My parents were never rich and at the time I had no ideas on computers. So my parents bought a computer off TV. It had a Slot A CPU and I just remember saying oh its like a Nintendo game lol. Throughout the life of the computer it always had glitches. Probably more a user issue (my dad) than a hardware issue. That was the computer I learned on. I learn it inside and out. Looked up any information I could on ram specs, motherboard and CPU. Even today I will just look into any PC parts and want to know how and why they work. When I work on PC's I always feel bad charging anything cause for me its fun.  Though sometimes those jobs can throw you something out there.


     A few years ago had the pleasure of being in the Original AMD Fan Community. Actually placed first place for the grand prize. I loved sharing my experiences and knowledge of AMD with friends, family and customers. That just as this community was a very friendly and help bunch and a see many here that were part of that as well.  I was also lucky enough to be chosen for the AMD Test Drive Program. A few weeks before I was chosen I hate gone through a divorce and I wear my heart on my sleeve so I took it a bit hard. I know its cliche but AMD and that program partly pulled me out of it. The project of building the PC gave my hands something to do. Making all the Youtube videos really brought me out of shell. I really want to thank you guys for that. SO THANK YOU!!!!!

     So as you can see AMD and I have already benefited each other. I hope that I can become a member of Red Team Plus. If not I will always be Red Team. Again thanks for allowing us to use this community and all you do for your customers.

Carl Smith


Re: Want to be Red Team Plus? Tell us your Red Team Story

Nice, Derrick! I really loved this post personally. I thought it was very well done, and the presentation is awesome! Your setup is also really great! I love all the #BetterRed stuff there, and the red lights. Super post, and I hope you go far with this! You seem really passionate, and it reminds me of myself. Anyway, best of luck! You did very well here!

I plan to post a bit later on as well, but you really knocked it out of the park here! Love it!

Forever Red!


Re: Want to be Red Team Plus? Tell us your Red Team Story

My name is James, I’m 29 years old, and I’ve been building and working with computers for a bit over a decade and a half now. A long time ago, when I was much younger, I had a very good friend who once told me to never build with anything other than AMD. I respected this man very much, and I still do. At the time, way back then, he told me it was because of the price of AMD products. How, if you wanted to build a great computer for not a lot of money, then AMD was the way to go. All these years later that is still true, and I have him to thank for instilling that knowledge in me at such a young age.

In the past many years I have built and maintained many computers. Some for myself, and many for other people as well. I’ve never used any CPU that wasn’t AMD. I still have the first 64-bit AMD CPU I ever purchased on my desk. It is just such a fond memory.

Way back before AMD bought ATI, I did used to build with NVIDIA, but have since switched over to Radeon for all my GPU needs (as well as the needs of others). It just made more sense to me in every regard. I enjoyed the pricing better, and the brand (AMD means so much to me). I liked the color red over green, and equally important, I really loved what AMD has done with their GPUs. AMD always moves towards open-source, and what is best for the world as a whole. I find AMD to be the morally better choice in all things computing when compared to Intel/NVIDIA. Plus, AMD has fantastic driver implementation. AMD is always looking out for the world community, and doing what is right for everyone. Whether that be Mantle, GPUOpen, or having Richard Huddy point out what NVIDIA is doing that is hurting the gaming community. Having him stand up for what is right, and doing it in a respectful way; and really so much more.

I mostly build with APUs in my house. I really, really love APUs, but we do have some Radeon GPUs around here as well. We have four computers in my house total, and I have built all of them (with my family). Every single one of them uses full AMD parts when possible. I even like to use Radeon memory when I can afford it, and would use AMD SSDs if I could afford it as well. The only thing that holds me back from building with strictly AMD components is not having enough money for that all the time, but I always keep my eye on anything that AMD does in the hardware space. I spend much of my time promoting AMD on Facebook, and HardOCP when it comes up. I use Google News to keep up on everything AMD related, and subscribe and “like” everything that I can with regards to AMD. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this company, AMD, is one of my main passions in life. I probably bore my family and friends with how much I talk about it. I’m sure at least a few of them don’t completely understand why I post about you all so much, but they are catching on the more I speak up, and the more I show my passion.

Whenever I encounter an error with anything AMD related, be it drivers or whatever, I report the issue to AMD in full using the AMD Issue Reporting Form. I always attempt to be as thorough and complete as I possibly can be. I’ve been doing that for years, and I truly believe that I am helpful, if maybe just a little bit. I enjoy it, and will be doing it for the rest of my life. I love trying to help AMD get better and better. If I can help even a little to fix something, or make the company more aware of an issue that I am having so that someone else doesn’t have to deal with it, that is what I will do.

I have at least one very good friend who uses only AMD as well, but honestly I don’t know too many people who are as passionate about this company as I am. I see a lot of people on this community page, but I have only somewhat recently discovered this page existed (even though I was looking for something like this from time-to-time for a while). I’m not sure how I missed it for so long, but I wish I’d joined years ago. My family can attest to how much I’ve wanted to find someplace like this on the internet that was hosted by AMD, and was AMD centric. It turns out that I found it! Albeit a little late, but I’m fine with that. I’m here with you all now, and that is what counts for me.

So, that catches you up a bit on my “story”, but I haven’t got around to mentioning why I would love to be a part of Red Team Plus; or at least have the details of what all that entails extended to me (though I have a pretty good idea). I would love to be a part of Red Team Plus for some simple reasons really:

  1. I would love to be part of a strong AMD community where people share the same passion as I do, and I could make friends with people who love this company just as much as I do.
  2. I would love to help people however I can. I’m not a developer, or a programmer/coder, but I do love to help where I can. When there is a problem that I can resolve, and I’ve resolved a great many problems over the years with PCs, I would love to do that. Especially if it means resolving the problem with anything AMD related, or helping someone build with AMD. Honestly, I wouldn’t wanna ever build with anything else. It is where I am comfortable (hardware and software wise), what I know most about, and what I truly love. Helping, especially with AMD, is what I do, and what I would love to do all through the future.
  3. Stickers! Who doesn’t love AMD stickers? They are so cool, and the only ones I have come from the APUs I’ve purchased. I do love stickers!
  4. More time to talk about AMD, and more reason to do so! I already spend a lot of time with anything AMD related, and so this would give me a really, really solid purpose and place to channel my AMD energy/love.

I see there are some really caring AMD diehards around this community, and I love that. It’s why I’m here, and will be here for as long as you all will have me. Whether I ever get invited to Red Team Plus or not, well, time will tell, but one thing I can say for sure is that I’m so happy to have found a place to channel this love for this company. The people here are great, they are knowledgable, and they seem to be having so much fun with something I hold so dear. It really warms my heart in a way that no other place on the internet does. I’ve thought all throughout writing this that it doesn’t really matter if I get invited to Red Team Plus or not (though I would love that), but just simply that I had so much fun writing all this down in such a focused format. Focused on AMD. It isn’t often (if ever) that I get to sit down and write a couple pages solely dedicated to AMD, and my history with it. It has truly been so fun, and it makes me feel so good.

So, thanks for reading, and thank you for providing a place for me to hang out with other AMDers who love what I love. Thanks for all the years of affordable fun and reliability. Over all these years, when I wanted to play a game, connect with family/friends, watch something, listen to a beloved song, write an important document, browse through nostalgic old files, learn something new, show how much I cared, or anything else, you, AMD, have been there supporting me all along the way. No matter what happens, I’ll always be a huge, huge fan, but I sure would love the chance to be even more than that. I’d love to be part of your family too. It is literally because of AMD that my family even exists at all: I met my wife on World of Warcraft over 10 years ago with AMD supporting me the whole time. Whether you knew it or not, AMD, and probably the Red Team as well, you were helping build my life into what it is today.

Thank you so much for everything. Thank you so much for reading my story, and the absolute best of wishes to everything you all do for all of time.

Journeyman III

Re: Want to be Red Team Plus? Tell us your Red Team Story

I'm Jayson and i would love to be part of the Red Team Plus. i started playing Pc games since a child, i would say around 9 or 10 yrs. old and since then i was connected or hook with playing games and every time i loss i get better and learn from mistake and since then i've been amaze of the technology especially with AMD, they were creative with everything. Even i'm on my 30's i still love playing games, this is my simple story and hope that i would be part of your team.

Journeyman III

Re: Want to be Red Team Plus? Tell us your Red Team Story

Team Red Plus? Hell yeah,I have been gaming since ten years old and at forty four I'm still as passionate as ever!

Sure I've tried the other side but alas the grass was not greener,with a combo of performance,price and that community feel I've been firmly team red for years. As a game tester for a well known company that works with many projects it's often nice to see how well the newer titles run compared to others and as such where allowed I'm always uploading captures clearly stating the spec of my AMD rig.

Let's see this community thrive going forward in the years ahead 


Re: Want to be Red Team Plus? Tell us your Red Team Story

Why I think I would be a good fit for the Red Team Plus is that first and foremost, I love AMD.  The products and community have been great to me.  I love talking and working with all sorts of individuals in any sort of way I can. I try to be available to anyone that needs any sort of assistance that I can provide. I help out others just the same as they help me out.  Just being part of this community, I have been on the giving and receiving end of helpful donations that range from advice, to game codes to physical product to get a rig up and running.  Being part of the Red Team to me is also not about disrespecting or bashing the Green or Blue teams but to show the value of what a bit of Red can bring to someone.  With having an AMD CPU and GPU, I have learned first hand of what these great products can bring to the PC experience and would love the opportunity be officially part of the group that has done so much for me already.  The Red Team is like an extended family to me and will always have a place in my heart no matter what the outcome to the selection process is.  Things are definitely "better red" for sure.  Good luck with your decision(s) as I know it will be a tough one.

Adept I

Re: Want to be Red Team Plus? Tell us your Red Team Story

Lets see - why would I want to be a Red Team Plus?  I know know most of the team already and interact with them as much as possible.  Pretty much every pc I've personally built for myself has been AMD *I've built thousands because of my different jobs I've had in IT*

My first PC was AMD - I built it back in 1995 as my senior project for Highschool; it was 486 DX/2 66 - which using a house fan I could overclock to 100.  My next machine was K6 166; then I saved up for K6-2 400 (Chomper)  Again with a house fan I was able to overclock it to 550 speeds.  I remember being told AMD's weren't as good as Intel; that everything would run so much slower - when friends played on my pc they never noticed a different

Then the monster Athlon dropped; which I got Athlon 1 ghz; and Duron 800 which would overclock to 1.2ghz.  Those were such great times - with incredible video games coming out.  AMD released TBird - which again I got 1700; which with the lead pencil trick I could get it to overclock with a lot of cooling to 2.1 ghz.

I've continued to buy AMD; not because I can't afford other stuff; its because of the business ethics.  I've works for some large and small companies; one was Falcon Northwest - I got to deal with Intel and Nvidia; *Nvidia wasn't as bad as it is now ethically; and Intel has always been Intel* Those two make great products - but I can't support them ethically as they literally don't give a single care about their customers.  They have great advertising; which AMD needs to pick up a bit; their Red Team Plus is a great way to do this.

I have a gaming youtube page - which I easily tell people what I'm running - my main machine Big Red 2 - 8320e at 5 Ghz; 290 - which still surprises me on its power; my second machine Big Red is 8120 at 3.9 ghz; 7870 LE - again both are still extremely solid.   Best part is - my intel work machines can't keep up with Big Red 2 when you are doing a lot of work; programs etc    I recommend what will suit people best and what is in their price range; that usually is AMD.  I'm active on several forums - I work in IT

Why do I want to be on Red Team Plus - I'm American in the UK; I feel they need more people over here in the UK and Europe; not just singing their praises; but showing just how good AMD really is - honestly its Red Team or bust - and once I have motorcycle; 480 aftermarket is next toy with a freesync monitor.  Most likely will be my first hardware review on my page - as I've been wanting to expand into that.  Along with live streaming

I'm Meldarth/MeldarthX - I'm already part of Red Team - just being made offical would be icing on the cake......