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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

Ryzen 3 3300x and A320 Compatibility

Hi Everyone, 

Do you know if the upcoming Ryzen 3 3300x (and 3100) will be compatible with A320 motherboards?

I found conflicting infos out there regarding this. Some mention it will be compatible but not overclockable and others say it won't work. The info I found on AMD's graph (attached) are confusing to me as it say 3000 series without APU (integrated radeon graphics) is not compatible but we know the 3600 doesn't have an APU and is compatible.

Will it be the same case with the 3300x or not?

Or maybe I am all wrong and the 'Radeon Graphics' makes reference to the GPU used in the system? 

I am doing my very first all AMD build (with 5600 xt) and need to know if I should send back my A320 that I just bought. 

Thanks for helping me on that. 

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