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Adept I
Adept I

RX 490 before x-mas or not!? Don't keep it a secret if you do.

I understand the strategy with quick deployment of RX 460/470/480 to take back market share. Even though nVidia countered pretty quick with 1060 you are now at least competing head to head with nVidia and making good progress in the medium segment of the graphics market.

It's been common knowledge a long time that the market has been full of graphics users (with money ready in hand) waiting for 16/14nm GPU's to hit the market, everybody was tired of 28nm and wanted a real leap forward in performance.

Just in my circle of gaming friends of 12 people, the talk was in beginning of 2016 that they where eagerly awaiting both AMD and nVidias offerings to decide what to buy.

Now with AMD's total absence in the high end segment and nothing in sight until 1H 2017 with Vega HBM2 my friends are buying nVidia 1070/1080.

Last i checked 8 of my 12 friends has already bought or made an order for 1070 or 1080 because they are now tired of waiting anymore and with AMD's absence they feel forced to go with nVidia.

What is happening is really a shame, why did you not have anything to counter nVidia 1070/1080 like VEGA with GDDR5X, must say this is real bad planing.

By not having a counter in place you are effectively letting nVidia take most of the performance hungry customers that have been waiting around for 16/14nm and there is a lot of them.

BUT if you have a counter coming this autumn/winter like an RX490 with dual Polaris or some thing else and you are not letting anyone know, THIS IS A HUGHE MISSTAKE.

Buy keeping a possible 1070/1080 counter a secret at this time only drives more people to buy nVidia because they think you have nothing more to offer before x-mas.

If you have some thing coming LET THE WORLD KNOW NOW so your customer don't feel forced to buy nVidia because they have nothing else on the horizon from AMD before x-mas.

Next Gen high performance GPUs are available from nVidia now, a lot people are tired of waiting and want to drop their hard earned cash on new GPUs now.

Don't let them all fall in to nVidias hands, if you can counter before x-mas bang on the marketing drums and let every one know that they are not forced to buy nVidia if the want a high performance gfx card before x-mas.

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