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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

Recommended 1100$ PC build

(monitor and OS included please)

i'm currently looking to join pc gaming, as it has intersted me for a couple of years.

currently playing ultra-low-low end on my all in one antiv samsung pc (intelhd2500 gpu)

never experienced med-high end gaming


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Re: Recommended 1100$ PC build

So there are a lot of options for you, but this is an example of a wish list I just assembled from Newegg:

Subtotal: $945.61

There are many other brands/models out there that could be substituted in this example and would also work great. Just make certain everything is compatible (ie. check the motherboard support page for the model you're thinking of getting to make certain it supports the CPU you are also considering. Don't skimp on the power supply and get something slightly above the minimum required by the video card. That gives you some room to upgrade in the future. Once you have nailed down a list of components you are planning to pull the trigger on, feel free to check back here with it for confirmation.