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Journeyman III

Re: Radeon Software Crimson Edition Q&A

my computer spec are:

MB Asus A88XM-E

APU A10-7870K

Memory Kinstone Fury 2133MHz 8Gx2

OS Windows 10 64bit Home edition

I install the latest version of Radeon Software Crimson Edition(16.1.1), but I can't find the Overdrive option. In Radeon setting window, game tab, either global setting or individual game setting, only profile graphics and profile properties but no profile overdrive.

What's wrong with that? Dose AMD Overdrive not support APU?

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Re: Radeon Software Crimson Edition Q&A

Hey babokuro

Quote via AMD's ray_m below:

The Crimson software is completely focused on the GPU and no longer contains CPU overclocking features. You can download a standalone Overdrive utility from here :

Here's the location of his original response for verification.

Hope this helps clear things up, have a nice day.

Journeyman III

Re: Radeon Software Crimson Edition Q&A

Thanks for your reply.

It seems as you say, the crimson edition don't support  overdrive for GPU core in APU.

I try to install an old HD6670 graphic card on board, and set the display priority to this card. the overdrive option of crimson edition appear! I think AMD should explain clearly that the crimson edition don't complete support all fucntion to APU.

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