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Journeyman III

Re: Radeon Software Crimson Edition Q&A

Are you guys going to fix the downclocking randomly in game issue? I know for sure it's not throttling since my card runs at most 65C.


Re: Radeon Software Crimson Edition Q&A

Could you implement a better postprocessing AA method, like SMAA, instead of (or in addition to) morphological AA already in Crimson?

Adept I

Re: Radeon Software Crimson Edition Q&A

1) Crimson driver has made overclocking really unstable because of clock fluctuations ergo voltage fluctuations. When can we expect this to be fixed?

2) Could you make  a "high performance mode" available in games profiles  that doesn't allow card to get downclocked (not throttled) in any circumstances?  Nvidia's control panel offers this feature.It could be an easy fix for clock issues and a nice performance boost to the ones who don't care about power saving, I mean, gamers with dedicated GPUs.

3) Will voltage control be ever introduced  for overdrive? Atm overdrive is pretty inferior to afterburner\trixx

4)  Will a custom fan curve be made available in overdrive?


Adept II

Re: Radeon Software Crimson Edition Q&A

I would like to know your opinion on the latest Crimson drivers. A problematic release aside, there are several major problems still lingering with the new driver. Game profiles not taking effect, gpu throttling, fan speed problems and reports of performance drops. Are you specifically working on any of those areas and if so, how is the progress going, what improvements can we expect from Crimson in the near future?

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Adept I

Re: Radeon Software Crimson Edition Q&A

Gallium OpenGL performance is still terrible for Radeons, also only feature complete for ogl up to 4.1. Are AMD devs working on that as the "all-open" stack will be the choice for most customers or not in favor of the OpenGL implementation in the hybrid (open/closed) Pro stack?

Same for OpenCL. Plans are to maintain your own, but open source, implementation instead of gallium compute. When will this be available?

Adept II

Re: Radeon Software Crimson Edition Q&A

  1. What benefits will Crimson bring to the existing VCE 1.2 and 1.3 platform?
  2. Will we see configurable options for CPU/GPU usage regarding VCE?
  3. Will we be able to use Crimson to isolate VCE usage to a specific GPU, where more than one is present?
  4. Will a future driver allow users to leverage multiple GPUs simultaneously for encoding?
  5. Will Crimson offer a test application for benchmarking encoding performance with VCE, for fine-tuning broadcasting/recording setups?
  6. Will Crimson allow me to capture Mantle video (and perhaps Vulkan) in a way similar to OBS's Game Capture method? (I am currently forced to only use DirectX.)

Encoding live video is paramount to what I do. My goal is to leverage additional GPUs to isolate an encoding environment without building another PC. Fine-tuning settings and better user-friendly documentation would really go a long way to improving this, before H.265 becomes more widely supported and then beyond that.



Re: Radeon Software Crimson Edition Q&A

First question:

Is there any possibility to implement  Recording tools in the Crimson Panel? Im not taking about raptr i dont use it, and i wont use it because its BAD.

im talking about implementation inside the Crimson panel/software.

Second question:

CPU driver overhead optimization coming??

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Adept I

Re: Radeon Software Crimson Edition Q&A

Is Crossfire support being worked on for Fallout 4, and other recent titles like Just Cause 3? Specifically for Fury cards.

I've been waiting to play Fallout 4 on my Eyefinity configuration until Crossfire support exists, as I'm not in a rush, but if support isn't coming, I'll play it sooner rather than later.

Re: Radeon Software Crimson Edition Q&A

This would be the thread he is talking about.

I would at least like an acknowledgement under "Known Bugs" or something but communication with AMD over this issue has been few and far between.

Journeyman III

Re: Radeon Software Crimson Edition Q&A

1. Are there any plans to integrate the features currently only accessible through Raptr (such as the game recording utility) into the new AMD Radeon Settings? This would be very convenient as it's nicer to have all such things in the same place, and even nicer as the new UI looks very nice and is far more responsive than Raptr.

2. Currently, the GCN architecture is somewhat outpaced by a certain competitor's current architecture with regard to tessellation. Are there plans to use GCN's Compute horsepower to rectify this in the new lineup of Radeon graphics cards? What sort of tessellation performance can we expect from Arctic Islands compared to the present series of cards?

3. It's recently been announced that GPUOpen is going to be fully Free and open-source. What sort of community integration and communication can we expect from this? Will everyone be able to contribute to GPUOpen? Will this openness or community development carry over into the drivers?

4. Can we expect improved OpenGL support and performance in both the Windows and Linix drivers? Currently, tessellation isn't supported to a degree where benchmark tools such as Unigine Heaven can use it in Linux, meaning benchmarks are skewed. Is improved OpenGL development a target for the near future, or is the current goal primarily DX12/Vulkan?

5. At 1:51 in the Radeon Software Crimson Edition overview, what font is "Virtual Super Resolution" drawn in? Just out of curiosity!

Thanks for your time.