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Journeyman III

Radeon RX 460 Does not work on a Dell Optiplex 745 (Single Slot)

Hi to everyone!

I've been trying to get answers why the Radeon RX 460 doesn't on the Optiplex 745 from Dell. The answer I receive from the machine is that the driver for the hardware (RX 460) are not installed or working.  My question is how that can be possible if I've been downloading it from the AMD support site.  My computer (Dell OptiPlex 745) has a Intel Pentium D  Extreme at 3.73 GHz, Windows 7 Pro 64 with 8 GBs of RAM. Does AMD has the right driver for this graphic card?

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Re: Radeon RX 460 Does not work on a Dell Optiplex 745 (Single Slot)

Most likely the motherboard, or more specifically the BIOS instruction set(micro code)are way too old to use UEFI GPUs.  Someone else i tried to help, though they didn't listen until after they replaced their motherboard, had all sorts of issues trying to get a new RX series GPU to work on a really old board.  If the instruction set isn't there hardware doesn't know how to talk to each other.


Re: Radeon RX 460 Does not work on a Dell Optiplex 745 (Single Slot)


You may also e running into power limitations here.  A 350W PSU is recommended for systems using a RX 460.  Do you know what is inside of that Dell?

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Adept I

Re: Radeon RX 460 Does not work on a Dell Optiplex 745 (Single Slot)

There is a section named "How do I fix Graphics and Video Card Driver problems?" in Dell Optiplex 745 Manual in which following information is given to fix the issue that you are using:

Roll back to the previously installed Driver

Device Manager, an inbuilt utility in Windows, allows you to troubleshoot common driver-related errors. For instance, you may sometimes start experiencing driver related problems after you have updated it. To resolve the issue, you can roll back to a previously installed driver. To do this in Windows 7/Vista, perform the following steps:

– Open the Control Panel window and double-click Device Manager

– Double-click Display Adapters to view all devices under it

– Double-click the device that is causing the problem

– Click the Driver tab

– Click the Roll Back Driver button and follow the onscreen instructions

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