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Possibility for a gaming LAN in Duluth area...

I'm a part of the Virtualization meetup in Duluth MN... and we were thinking of switching to just "Technology" for greater interest, and attendance (as well as being able to cover a lot more topics and interesting things.)   The next Meetup is scheduled for December 17, and it will be at a local venue (have the building cost taken care of, from our only sponsor).

But if anyone is in the area and would like to attend, feel free! Also, if you have experience with holding Meetups, or gatherings at all comment below thoughts you have! Right now, we only have a meager group and are looking to grow so that there is better opportunity for professionals to get to know each other, and assorted tech topics!

Now,on a totally different note (perhaps more interesting)-

I am a college student and would be very much open to the idea of working with AMD to create a gaming/overclocking event at my school! I know a lot of people that would be very interested in something of that nature! Perhaps it could even be a Charity Building Stream (a 12-hour competition to build the best looking & performing systems you can with an assorted set of hardware, or something else but for charity... like a Pay-It-Forward build-off!) Knowing college students (myself included), all you have to offer is free pizza for a good crowd But really, it could be very cool to do and could be a great way to spread AMD's name & (values? culture?... no AWESOMENESS!) Tentatively, the date could be in Jan/Feb (so no one will skip studying for finals to go to it, or anything. That and it will give ample time to prepare.)

Let me know your thoughts everybody! Perhaps