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Journeyman III

music production and benchmarks


There is a community that AMD (and Intel) don't know much about : the community of the music producers using their systems as Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) .This community is very big imo ,and is continuously growing.It is very cheap to get prosumer grade Audio Interface ,MIDI Keyboard and music controllers.Software maybe expensive ,yes ,but one of the best ,Reaper (available @ ) is available for 60USD.There are also free  versions of various programs bundled with hardware.

I am not trying to advertise Reaper here.But the simple fact is , music production can be really cheap so its not forbidden to anyone. I made that introduction to prove that this community is growing.

So suppose YOU want to get in to this and choose hardware.Information on choosing CPU is ,sadly, extremely limited.Benchmarks are very limited.In fact searching about a month before I finally buy my AMD 2700x system ,I managed to find  ONLY  T W O  benchmark results.

I can get benchs for about anything else .I strongly believe that AMD should look at the audio community.There are 3 very popular DAW software programs :

1.Steinberg Cubase /Nuendo 



I am not trying to tell which is best here :my point is that Cubase and Ableton Live may come bundled for free ,and Reaper is 60USD,.its so easy to get CubaseLE and Live for free (bundled with harware even for less than 100USD).

I will suggest that AMD should test their CPUs with some major DAWs. There is a whole market out there .

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