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Journeyman III

having display crashes

hello everyone 

im having problem with my display which crashes and locks up

i have done several things during crash like unplug and plug back mouse and keyboard ports and some hotkey command like ctrl+alt+delete but nothing happens and i have to shutdown manually

i have checked temp of all my pc part and see if they are overheating but my motherboard shows 110 degree celsius while my cpu is 36 degree celsius and i even had to touch my motherboad but it was cool at least it was not as what it shows i think the temp sensor is broken

i am not sure if it is from corrupted data.

crashes does not happen occasionally sometimes during a chrome , sometimes during watching movies with kmplayer . my gpu is second handed and used for mining but i have used it for gaming purposes and now it is broken and i had to take it out for repair and i thought that the problem is caused with my gpu but now i am using onboard gpu and same problem happens again but it is worse because during crash my display has movement and colors are messed up and again i have to shutdown manually

i even tried taking a ram out or run some ram test from windows and memtest98 (i put pc for 3 hours of test in memtest98)

when i take one of the ram out (the one with empty side of ram and other side only possess what is necessary )

and chances for crashing decrease but tests did not showed any problem from my ram 

and here is how memtest98 showed my ram :

- slot 0 : 4096mb ddr3-1600 - kingstone

- slot 1 : 4096mb ddr3-1600 - kingstone 99U5584-005.A00LF

- slot 2 : 4096mb ddr3-1600 - kingstone

- slot 3 : 4096mb ddr3-1600 - kingstone 99U5471-034.A00LF

i was wondering if my rams arent match or at least with my cpu or motherborad

i even heard that gigabyte motherboard might crash with gel ram (is it true ?) 

so i was wondering maybe problem is caused from radeon software while my intel drivers are working (can it ?)

my spece:

gpu:rog strix rx580 8gb (taken out)

cpu:intel core i5 4440


bios version:2201

ram:kingstone 16gb ddr3 1600MHz quad channle

psu:deepcool de-580

hdd:1TB wd green

ssd:128GB samsung mz7td128hafv-000l1

running on latest update of windows 10

ps : i am very thankful that you read all of it and i'd be happy to answer all your questions