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Freesync Display, a Solid Improvement over my Existing Display.

Hello Everyone,

Since I purchased a new, and totally passive case for the living room, I have been converting the ABS Canyon 695 over into an office build.  The first step in doing that was selecting a monitor.  I picked up the Acer XF270HU, a 2560x1440 monitor with a freesync range of 40-144 Hz.

I thought it would be interesting to see how this display performed against my LCD television that had been serving as my monitor, and I am a huge stickler for accurate sound and color reproduction.

First, the television.  This Samsung model UN55D6000 was, I believe, from 2009 and was one of the earlier models to feature an LED backlight behind the LCD screen. I used DisplayCal to calibrate the screen, an then ran the extended test chart to test for color accuracy.  Let's see how we did.


The color accuracy for an 8+ year old LCD is pretty good!  An average delta E of less than 1 is recommended and the Samsung scores 0.64, the whitepoint also falls within recommended specs!  The maximum delta E however, is only within the nominal range of <4.  I had a 3.73 down in the blue/green range and a few other values above 2.

Alright then, let's see how this fancy pants Freesync IPS display holds up once calibrated.


The average difference between expected and measured color values drops by 45% on the Acer.  The whitepoint balance improves by 33%.  The maximum difference in measured and nominal values for a color is once again in the blue range, but only a 1.13, a whopping 70% improvement over my aging TV.

So not only does a modern monitor add cool features like freesync and higher resolutions, it also supports significantly improved color accuracy over my older display.

Anyone have any data on the Samsung that discounts from the Vega packs?  Curious how quantum dots fare.

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