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Adept I

free game when buying amd chip ?

i bought amd in AUG now i see they have offer who bought Sept 30 to Dec 31. but why, we support amd, why they don.t give us free games am really pissed.

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Big Boss

Re: free game when buying amd chip ?

Check if your vendor (like mindfactory here in Germany) are in that Free-Games-Program
if you buy from a vendor that is not in that program its your fault you didnt buy at the right vendor; or if you bought to early you should have checked AMDs twitter before - they usually announce stuff like this some weeks infront

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Adept III

Re: free game when buying amd chip ?

i got my XT in  july itself .  i guess early adopters get nothing

Adept I

Re: free game when buying amd chip ?

I'm interested in playing this one. How much does it cost to install? Is this playable using Windows 10?

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Re: free game when buying amd chip ?

You missed the promotion. The "AMD Raise the Game" promotions have been running almost constantly for a long time now, and the previous promotion had the time period extended by about one month. Just bad luck for you unfortunately.

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