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Fractal Design's AMD Ryzen-ready Celsius S36 liquid CPU cooler

It is highly likely that you have not heard a peep about the fact that Fractal Design is bringing back AIOs, and that is due to a strict NDA which has just released. Differentiating this new cooler from those of the past, Fractal Design has moved away from the Kelvin name, this time, in favor of the name Celsius. There are two versions of the Celsius cooler, the S24, which is a 240mm radiator based cooler, and the S36, a 360mm radiator based cooler, the latter of which we are about to show you. For many, this may be the first AIO you have seen from Fractal Design, and from what we have seen, the wait may have been worth it, as they went above and beyond with the Celsius S36 CPU Liquid Cooling system.

Fractal Design Celsius S36 Liquid CPU Cooler Review