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Adept III

Dota 2 Graphics / Performance Optimisation

For those who have older / weaker GPUs and/or like to play Dota 2 with a cool, silent system, i share below my configuration settings for a reliable 60 fps. In my view you get most of the eye candy compared to max details but 34.4% higher frame rates provided you are GPU bound/limited.

CPU: i5 3570k @ 3.8 GHz

GPU: R9 270 (GCN 1)

Radeon Software Version 18.8.1 (Dota 2 game profile settings left at default values)

Windows 7 SP1 64-bit

Dota2 version 7.21d

GPU clocks: 600/900 (underclocked from default 975/1400)

Core Voltage: 0.967v which results typical GPU power consumption of around 42W. This voltage is actually good for over 800 MHz but i am wary of running out of spec for long periods as i'm conscious that too high a voltage differential between the memory and core can overcome the protective diodes and kill the memory controller for example.

Dota 2 launch command line argument: -steam -dx11 +r_experimental_lag_limiter 1 

benchmark command line config: -steam -dx11 +timedemo replays\3097027819 +timedemo_start 132000 +timedemo_end 133700 +cl_showfps 2 +fps_max 0 +mat_vsync 0 -novconsole -noassert

Dota 2 in-game graphics settings:

Resolution: 1920x1080p

Display Mode: Borderless Window

API: DX11 (DX11 returns 26% higher fps than Vulkan on my setup with these settings).

Animate Portrait OFF

Additive Light Pass ON

World Lighting OFF

Ambient Occlusion OFF (~10.5% gain in FPS)

Normal Maps ON

Ground Parallax ON

Ambient Creatures OFF

Ambient Cloth Simulation OFF

Grass OFF

Anti Aliasing OFF

Specular ON

Specular and Light Blooms ON

High Quality Water OFF (noting this is a noticeable visual down grade of river)

Atmospheric Fog / Caustics OFF

High Quality Dashboard OFF

VSync ON (i hate frame tearing)

Tree Wind OFF

Compute Shaders ON (~6.7% boost in bench FPS)

Texture Quality HIGH

Effects Quality HIGH

Shadow Quality HIGH

Game screen render quality 99%


At these settings with VSYNC OFF a pro game (3097027819.dem) team fight sequence benches at 78.9 fps.

Setting the basic graphics settings slider to maximum, benches at 58.7 fps

With a more demanding zoomed out commentator perspective the respective benches ease to 68.6 and 53.2 fps.

Hope this helps those looking for a few more frames or a quieter system.

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Journeyman III

Re: Dota 2 Graphics / Performance Optimisation

This really helps, thank you so much! Not that my GPU is too slow but sometimes I have unstable FPS, especially when there are many dota 2 items in the game that add visual effects such as arcanas.

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Journeyman III

Re: Dota 2 Graphics / Performance Optimisation

Yes cool

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