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Does AMD ReLive really only support Video Card Audio?

I do a lot of recording and wanted to try AMD Relive but it's only been recording the Mic audio. I couldn't find any sound input options except for the ones for the microphone. I did some research, made sure the Khz was correct but it seems like it keeps coming back to setting my video card as the default audio device. I have some fairly expensive audio gear (both computer hardware and headphones / speakers) and using "TV Speakers" instead is just a dumb option to me. Am I missing a option somewhere? I just have trouble believing that AMD made a somewhat decent looking recorder but not include a option of where to retrieve audio, that's just dumb.

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Re: Does AMD ReLive really only support Video Card Audio?

Does Relive really only support video card sound?

Please note double posting is against forum rules. Use the original thread linked above.

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