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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

Compatibility Issue with A10-7800


I have an HP 500-311 desktop running and AMD A10-7800 cpu with integrated Radeon R7 graphics gpu.

I need to add an HDMI output port.  I know this would done by adding a video card.  I have  PCI-Express 3.0 slot available.

I attempted to add an Nvidia 750 ti video card, but it caused the computer to go into a loop at startup, so I had to remove it.

Currently looking at Radeon R7 360 video card. Would this be compatible with my system?

Other facts. 

My system has 300 watt psu (I will be upgrading to 500 watt psu to accomodate the new card.

My ram is ddr3 ram, the new card has ddr5 ram.

Thanks for the help.


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Re: Compatibility Issue with A10-7800

Hello Jim,

It looks like your model comes with one DVI-D port and a VGA port, is that correct?  Depending on your needs, you can change the DVI-D port to and HDMI port with the use of a simple adapter.

It is worth noting that DVI-D does not carry any audio information.  If you are using headphones, or speakers using a 3.5mm cable to the motherboard this would be fine.  If you need the HDMI cable to also carry audio, you will need a full blown HDMI port from a video card.  The Geforce card you listed should be fine, but runs the caveat of having Geforce and AMD drivers installed.  The AMD card you listed would be fine, but I would get the more updated RX 460 which runs at a similar price and will run fine with a 500W power supply.